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Name- kathryn
age- 17
male or female- female
sexual preference- bisexual
piercings or tatooes- 14. two in tongue, 2 in navel, 10 in ears
How far have you gone with a guy- all the way
Favorite part about your body- i like my eyes and my boobs
Who do you think you are in the Thirteen- i have no idea. physically and habit-like i'm like evie, but i think emotionally i'm more like astrid. (i only saw the movie, like, a week a go over at bee's house. i am so promoting to her.)
promote in you userinfo and a non rating community:prove it here-
http://chaotichonesty.livejournal.com/371.html?view=237683#t237683 and you can see the other promotion if you go to my user info
A face shot
Image hosting by Photobucket
2 body shots
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
a 200x200 for the members page
Image hosting by Photobucket
and at least 1 more picture
joel and i at christmas last year
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