lauryn (ibleed_stardust) wrote in outofcontrol_13,

Name- Lauryn
age- 17
male or female- female
sexual preference- straight
piercings or tatooes- well my ears closed up and i have to get them redone and i'm getting my bellybutton done soon.
How far have you gone with a guy- all the way
Favorite part about your body- probably my eyes, boobs, and waistline
Who do you think you are in the Thirteen- I would say Tracy because I'm a lot more emotional rather carefree like Evie is. and I'm a lot more innocent than most of my friends when it comes to drugs and all that stuff. I'm also very pale like she is and try really hard to keep myself thin
promote in you userinfo and a non rating community:prove it here- and go to my userinfo for the other promo
A face shot

2 body shots

a 200x200 for the members page

and at least 1 more picture

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